Milan Zaviacic – the fresh new Slovak scientist which receive the feminine prostate

Milan Zaviacic – the fresh new Slovak scientist which receive the feminine prostate

Milan Zaviacic – the fresh new Slovak scientist which receive the feminine prostate

In recent years Slovakia has not offered of numerous biggest achievements inside the industry of medical creativity. Many physicians say that deficiencies in cash is the brand new key of situation. However, Radio Slovakia International’s Katarina Richterova performed choose one Slovak whom made an important finding that’ll has important implications to own feminine.

I’m during the Bratislava’s faculty off drug, the brand new company away from pathology, searching for a fantastic Slovak scientific achievement. I discover nervous college students reputation as much as in the hall. Am i able to inquire what you’re awaiting?

The fresh new body organ is certainly caused by tall with respect to sexual fulfillment having women; however it enjoys a healthcare advantages to help you they too

What’s the very first topic you need to know, for which they would throw you aside if you didn’t see it?

“We wish to understand a lot about this, including the histology of female prostate, how it is actually receive, because it’s the analysis off Teacher Zaviacic.”

“In my opinion the female prostate is something the fresh on earth off cystic, due to the fact many article writers claimed that female prostate does not can be found. Mr. Down the road we will have how important it’s to have practice.”

Prof. Milan Zaviacic has been comparing female structure due to the fact 1980. Surprising though it elizabeth toward conclusion that women, same as men, have their prostate.

“The feminine prostate comes with the exact same serves as a man prostate, specifically in regards to the uroendocrine equipment and you may production of this new secretion.”

Nevertheless female prostate do will vary some from the men counterpart. It’s whenever one fourth of your own dimensions. Another difference is that the.

“The female prostate is found in the fresh new wall surface of your own feminine urethra and also the men prostate is just about brand new urethra.”

Zaviacic outlined the phrase feminine prostate

The brand new architecture one to sit to your edging between the urethra and the new neck of the kidney was basically only also known as glands instead a different form until Prof. Zaviacic turned out that it principle completely wrong:

“It is an important working organ of your urogenital system. Which prostatic tissues try another erogenic zone for females. It participates about female climax experience, where feminine prostate was stimulated indirectly.”

The female prostate shall be subject to all the conditions known regarding the men prostate, even though they are less frequent. Up to Prof. Zaviacic’s advancement, of many afflictions had been accidently identified and treated because infection of urethra.

“For the treatment of the female prostatic condition I would suggest new same particular drugs are you aware that prostate on the men.”

As the Prof. Zaviacic claims, used the best treatment of the feminine prostate has been rather unusual inside Slovakia, especially in reduced metropolises, of the lack of pointers. Apparently Prof. Zaviacic’s work is much more acknowledged by the in the world area than at home. The guy believes that it is extremely difficult to help you make look or to get outstanding achievements in the Slovakia on the most recent lack of finances:

“The latest monetary factor is very important in using new strategies inside Island hГјbsche MГ¤dchen testing, however, predicated on my estimation time and effort is more extremely important.”

25 years off look has meant for Zaviacic vacations at work and losing date together with his nearest and dearest on the study of the brand new women prostate.

In 2001 the latest Federative Global Committee toward Anatomical Conditions theoretically accepted the phrase female prostate and come to utilize it when you look at the professional e-books. There are many different formations and functions within your body nonetheless waiting to be found, states professor Milan Zaviavic, and possibly one of the several more youthful medical youngsters whom properly introduced their exam today is among happy and you may talented pair whom actually make like an advancement.

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