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Polla Mixed Farm 12 Years Experience In Agri-business


The operations at Polla mixed Farm mainly include:

  • Commercial fruit production – specializing in production of mangoes, orange, watermelon passion.
  • Apiary and be products.
  • Goats rearing and piggery.
  • Fish farming
  • Farmer trainings and advisory services, most especially in best farming practices, group dynamics, value addition and agronomy
  • Market access support for bee products and fruits
  • Community outreach through corporate social responsibility and partnership with farmer
Polla mixed Farm

Our commitment.

  • Polla mixed Farms is dedicated to producing the finest quality products for human consumption.
  • To be a center of excellence for quality agricultural products.
  • To support small-scale farmers and farmer groups through market linkages.
  • We are committed to empowering the community around us through employment and market opportunities in addition to our corporate responsibility program.
Polla mixed farm


We invest 5% of our profits towards supporting the disadvantaged members of the community.

Polla Farm is currently paying school fees for five students of which four of them are children from the community surrounding the farm.

We are also training women groups in value addition (starting with bee products), and in this way we ensure the community moves forward with us, training on grow- ing of short season crops such as vegetables for both markets and supplementing their diet

Polla mixed Farm Limited


The market to absorb the perishable produce of the farm is inadequate causing loses to the farm. This calls for value addition through processing that requires huge capi- tal to acquire and built a processing plant.

The cost of feeds and quality of feeds on the market are of a great threat to growth of livestock especially in fish farming, the inputs on the market such as feeds and fingerlings are very expensive and quality is compromised quite often. This again calls for the farm to formulate and produce their own feed hence need to acquire processing machines, which are very costly on the market

Hire of consultants such agricultural extension workers is expensive

Hurdles in obtaining working capital for expansion – our asset evaluation is low because of the location which affects our collateral value

Unavailability of logistical materials – Being located upcountry, access to materials and equipment is challenge.

High cost of delivering to our high-end clients in Kampala

High expectation from the community

our future plan

Our Future Plan

(5-10 Years).

  • Polla Farm is still a growing SME with a lot of potential. Our dream and plan are to achieve the following; Do value addition on a large scale by establishing a juice-processing plant. The plant shall be fed by fruits from our farm as well as produce from other farmers in the community.
  • Establish a training center that will impart knowledge to the community in some of the best agricultural practices and also motivation to actively and practically engage in the different levels of agriculture unlocked the untapped potential in the sector.
  • We are focusing on multiplication of seed goats and for slaughter to over 10, 000 goats. The desire is to attain good breeds in the community through cross breeding with our seed goats of savanna, Boar and others.
  • Expand our piggery unit to a capacity of 10,000, for both breeding and meat production.
  • Install 1,000 bee-hives and process over 500 litres of honey a year.
  • Establish a modern agricultural facility that produces highly quality products with ISO certification.
  • To engage in fruit and honey wine production.
  • Mechanize 50% of farm operations.
  • To spread our activities to at least 500 acres.
  • Become a fully-fledged demonstration and agritourism centre.